Hotel La Corza Blanca


Located in Brañavieja, this hotel can provide rooms (half board included) from 30 €/person.


Booking and information:  942 779 250


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Complejo Puente Romano

Located in Riaño, within walking distance to Celada de los Calderones.   A wide range of accomodations can be possible here:


Hotel - Double room from 50€/day.

Apartaments for 4 people from 100€/day.

Wooden cottage for 4 people from 75€/day.

Stone cottage for 6 people from 120€/day.

Parking for vans from and campervans from 8€/day.

Place for tents from 4€/day.


*There is a additional discount for The Trail Herradura de Campoo´s runners and accompanying people of -20%.  (Taxes not included).


Booking and information: : 629 462 375 / 629 462 155


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Refugio Tres Mares 

Located in Brañavieja, Refugio Tres Mares offers dormitories with rows of bunk beds from 20€/person (half board included) for The Trail Herradura de Campoo´s runners and accompanying people.


Booking and information:  606 99 57 43


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