60 km - 2 days      73 % off road

10 peaks above 2.000 m

This course in stages is planned to run the whole weekend. Pointed for those who are experienced in the trail running and want to cover the complete way of Herradura de Campoo, but in two stages to test, not only his own physical capacity as runnerm but also his own recoverting ability and strategy as well.


Strategy and planning are crucial in this course. Excessive effort and inadequate recover form first day, will cause detritment to the fast and conclusive stage on sunday.





12 de julio 2014

Distance: 28 km / 17 miles

Elevation gain: 1.896 m

Start: Celada de los Calderones

Finish: Branavieja

Refreshment Checkpoints: 2 + finish

DAY 2: 

13 julio 2014

Distance: 32km /19 miles

Elevation gain: 1.653 m

Start: Brañavieja

Finish: Celada de los Calderones

Refreshment Checkpoints: 4 + finish