The Hardest

La Herradura de Campoo


55 km       73 % off-road paths

10 peaks above 2.000 m


Ultra Trail 55 (32 miles) is a true mountain running in North of Spain. With a variety of terrain from hiking paths that lead you up to the tower, more than 70% of the route follows mid-mountain paths offering the best views of the Cantabrian sea, the Picos de Europa mountains and Montaña Palentina. The course extends across the 13 peaks of the Campoo valley, 10 of which exceed 2.000 m in altitude, and the total elevation gain is 3.000m. All together makes La Herradura de Campoo one of the most hardest trail run mid-mountain competition.




13 July 2014

Distance: 55 Km / 34 miles

Elevation gain: 3.000m 

Start/Finish: Celada de los Calderones (loop)

Refreshment checkpoints: 6 + finish